ASCEND - Facilitation

“I’ll lift you and you lift me, and we’ll both ascend together”.  – John Greenleaf Whittier

Once you are awake, it is time to begin your ascension with intensive coaching.

  • Coaching on how to Maintain a healthy interaction between individual team members and teams.
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration in Agile improvement activities.
  • Proactively recognize conflict; facilitate conflict resolution through collaboration and consensus.
  • Coach, train and mentor Scrum Masters:
    • Assist and mentor Scrum Masters with an aim toward making Agile techniques successful, resilient, and permanent.
    • Observe team level Agile activities such as Sprint/Iteration Planning and provide constructive feedback to Scrum Masters.
  • Coach, train and mentor Agile teams:
    • Work with Scrum Master and teams to institute the Agile framework that best fits team activities; familiarize the team with the common elements of the chosen framework such as Daily Scrums and Sprint/Iteration Reviews.
    • Coach, train, and mentor those outside the Agile team who support and work with the teams, such as Product Owner and Functional Manager with an eye toward supporting their respective teams while building trust.
    • Collaborate with Scrum Masters and Agile Program Managers to coach, train, and educate teams and program (team of teams).
    • Foster cross team communication.
  • Manage and mentor a team of like-minded Scrum Masters, applying the ideas of kaizen to constantly improve the delivery of software
  • Working across design, product and engineering to promote agile ways of working and keep Tandem at the cutting edge of modern delivery practices
  • Be a ‘servant-leader’ enabling your team by removing impediments and building an environment in which people can work in effectively
  • Set the example by being Scrum Master for one of the delivery teams
  • Steer the realization of software prototypes ordered by your clients, in collaboration with the internal developer team and external partners
  • Coordinate training sessions and workshops on agility topics. E.g., discover the Agile methods, the Product Owner role in practice, the Scrum Master’s missions
  • Lead organizational audits to assess their functioning and propose improvements, notably through Agile methods
  • Together find the growth plan for individual teams for their incremental growth of being highly performing and self-organizing teams