ARISE - Scale

“Wisdom may best arise from a humbling reality”. – Michael Leunig

Here responsibility is to train the Squads and coach them on a consistent and proper application of the principles of Agile. We continuously coach them to improve their way of working. The way to scale on quality, quantity and overall agility.

  • Accompany change at all levels of the organization and measure the acquired experience in a continuous improvement perspective
  • Participate to pre-selling phases of digital transformation assignments
  • Contribute to Agility development internally (training of new employees, collaboration with other offices as well, experience feedbacks) and externally (publications, conferences…)
  • Coach multiple Agile teams in a program or at a location.
  • Foster an Agile culture:
    • Create an environment of trust where it is safe to challenge, experiment, and fail without fear.
    • Promote continuous improvement at the team level for all functions.
    • Foster continuous collaboration; continuously collaborate and communicate across all functions supporting Agile team execution.
    • Foster cooperation in experimentation and adopting new techniques.
  • Be an advocate in adopting Agile best practices and processes; support and contribute to sustainable Agile practices within.
  • Act as a galvanizing force for sharing Agile knowledge across the organization:
    • Lead Agile education at the team level.
    • Support Agile education within the team, reinforcing practices and renewed adoption.
    • Train individuals in Agile techniques.
    • May deliver Agile workshops.
    • Conduct ad-hoc Agile training with anyone.
    • Ensure and develop solid educational content for a sustainable Agile institution .
    • Collaborate with Education to design and execute training classes to ensure currency of Agile training.
  • Fulfillment of all the responsibilities of a Scaling Agile.
  • Perform agility health checks to point out bottlenecks in the processes and in the cooperation within the team
  • Together find the growth plan for entire portfolio, program or simply say a bigger group