APPRISE - Self Organising Culture and Agile Mindset

“Apprising you of the entire transformational journey of agility and helping you becoming truest expression of yourself gives me the utmost satisfaction”. – Anuj Ojha

 You have an exemplary role in dealing with feedback and making sure the Squad members have the courage to give feedback proactively by enhancing a safe atmosphere.

  • Propose a strategy to deploy self organizing & cross pollination culture
  • Constantly refine and stay current with emerging themes in the larger Agile community:
    • Support the incorporation of emerging and new Agile practices and approaches across .
    • Contribute to newsletters, blogs, and internal and external gatherings as they relate to Agile practices at .
  • Be a change agent:
    • Participate in Agile transformation at the location/team level.
    • May lead an Agile transformation at location/team level .
    • Advance the adoption of Agile across the organization and be a recognized resource in Agile competencies.
  • Model continuous learning.
  • Participate in an Agile Coaching community of practice; assist, coach, and mentor other Agile Coaches.
  • Participate in regional Agile groups.
  • Professionally coach; help individuals and teams reach their goals using techniques of professional coaching.
  • To embed the culture of teal organizations who are self-organizing in their entirety
  • Together find the growth plan for entire enterprise or business to beat the competition and continuous evolution to pursue our new self